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Italian courses

Despite being the official language only in Italy and in some of the countries that surround it, the Italian language is one of the languages most studied as a second language in the world. What is it about this language that fascinates people so much and entices so many to study it? First, it is the love and passion for a country with a particular and interesting culture. Many people dream of visiting Italy, getting to know its people, its traditions, its great history and culture while others are fatally attracted to the musicality of the language itself.
In addition, there are always more and more people who are studying Italian for professional reasons, especially in the fields that represent excellence in industry and Italian creativity, like design, architecture, fashion and lyrical singing.
Lang-Ex organizes personalized courses that take into account the different interests and needs of every student. It is for this that we offer courses for adults, adolescents, and children in both group and individual formats.


English courses

The English language has increasingly become the language of choice for international communication and its role as the modern lingua franca makes it one of the most important languages of our time. It is a language that facilitates international business, international communication and intercultural exchange. Frequently, when people of mixed nationalities meet, English is the language they choose as a medium for interaction.
Lang-Ex realizes that every student has different needs and motives for studying English and we work hard to create customized courses that help our students meet their goals, whatever they may be.

Lang-Ex offers English courses for adults, adolescents and children, in both individual and group formats. Our offerings include courses based on:


Polish Courses

Today the Polish language is spoken by a large population of people located in the heart of Europe, but who really are the Polish people? They are a cordial and welcoming people with strong family ties and traditions, just like the Italian people.
Isn’t it worthwhile entering into contact with the national language of a country which has seen one of the quickest and impressive economic rises in Europe? Can we consider the study of Polish a wonderful adventure and a unique challenge for those who wish to imbibe the spirit, the climate and the melody of an ancient language of Slavic origin?
Absolutely yes. First and foremost, the study of the Polish language opens up doors to a centuries’ old history and the discovery of a very rich cultural tradition.
A land which charms with the magic of its cities, with the fascination of its natural wonders and and the variety of its marvelous landscapes. In addition, bathing oneself in the native language of the misterious Copernicus and of the fascinating Chopin means getting to know the history of the peoples who grew up and lived on the banks of the Vistula river.
It is in this spirit that Lang-Ex offers both group and individual lessons of the Polish language.
Each group class requires a minimum of 4 persons up to a maximum of 8.

Our offerings include the following types of courses:


0ther languages

The world awaits you. Who knows languages has infinite job opportunities, culture and human relations.
If you are looking for new opportunities and incentives, with us you can learn or improve language is more widespread than those niche, those few people you know.
We are networking with around the world, so we can arrange on-demand courses for small groups, companies or associations.

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