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The Language Exchange (Lang-Ex) is a cultural association whose main focus is language and the role that language plays in the social, personal and professional spheres of each individual. It has a strong commitment to the teaching of the world's languages to promote cultural exchange and to embrace diversity among the world's population.

The Founding Members

The Language Exchange was created in 2009 by four language professionals who decided to unite their teaching skills and their unique life experiences. They wanted to create a space and a learning environment where open dialogue was encouraged and where students could learn a language while learning about other cultures. This, it was hoped, would create a feeling of community between the students and stimulate learning. This idea of multicultural exchange and the stimulation of dialogue in a non-threatening environment also forms the common thread for the events that are presented by Lang-Ex.

In addition to their roles in the classroom, each of the Founding Members fills a role particularly suited to their talents and backgrounds.


Our staff

All of our teachers are either mother tongue or bilingual and are highly qualified. They also possess considerable experience across many different teaching fields. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and ability of our teachers to teach effectively in a wide variety of situations.

The strength of our teaching staff lies not only in its professional training, but also in its humanity. The staff shows enthusiasm, patience, an ability to communicate and also an ability to involve the students, not only in the language learning process, but also in the discovery and comparison of the cultural traditions of each person, whatever their country of origin may be. This sharing of cultural backgrounds and heritages is a strong motivating factor in the classes at Lang-Ex and it opens the door to stimulating dialogue among students at any level. A sensitivity to cultural diversity and the inclusive nature of our courses and events are just some of our strong points.

The teachers of Italian have received the following certificates for the Teaching of the Italian Language to Foreigners:

  • Masters in the Teaching of Italian L2 from the Catholic University of Milan
  • Master Promoitals from the State University of Milan
  • DITALS from the University for Foreigners in Siena
  • FILS from the University Ca' Foscari of Venezia

The teachers of English are mother tongue, bilingual and/or possess an international certificate for the Teaching of English as a Second Language, such as the following:
  • TEFL Certificate
The Language Exchange - I Fondatori

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